About MathLab

MathLab Online is a project by a non-governmental voluntary organization with 10 years of experience in mathematics-related educational projects. Mathematics Laboratory is a place where students can learn and explore mathematical concepts and verify mathematical facts and theorems through a variety of activities using different materials. Our mission is to improve mathematics education by ‘doing it and using it.’

Based on progressive learning principles, this new way approach to mathematics education is helping students excel in their coursework while learning math in fun-filled ways.

Kit Details

Understanding mathematics laboratory requirement, we have introduced a kit that makes learning math easy and fun. MathLab combines a physical MathLab kit with Software, animations, and instructions to maximize the effectiveness of Math Learning which offers the advantages like Scalability, Maintainability, Usability, and Reduced Development Effort & Cost.











What We do

We provide MathLab Kits, Instruction materials and training programs. We train teachers at your school and help to setup the Mathematics lab accordance with NAAC, CBSE , State Boards and other accreditation agencies.

Physical kits are provided along with audio visual learning materials. We help teachers with continuous and comprehensive evaluation of the students. We conduct Math Talent Search Examination and scholarship programs in association with Ganthashastrat parishad.





How to Get MathLab?

You can get MathLab directly from us or one of our partners. We also works with various agencies both private and public to help setup Mathematics Lab facilities at your school. We have a network of voluntary teachers and academic experts to helps us with training and setup of MathLab.

There are several funding options available including private and corporate sponsors, government agencies such as DPI, SSA, (Scientific agencies name) , panchayat and other local government bodies….





  • Government Schools
  • Kendriya Vidyalaya
  • DPI & SSA
  • B.Ed Colleges & TTC
  • Funding from Panchayat
  • From one of our sponsors











Why it is Different?

MathLab is the only such Solution in the Market that combines the benefits of Physical Kit with Software and Animations, study materials and training. MathLab is a very affodable and a complete solution that can be setup at your school.

  • Various Physical Kits with more than 450 Objects
  • Software and Full animation to support Lab activities
  • All activities are detailed using Animations
  • Progressive Learning approach, activities are built on top of each other
  • Teachers Training and certification programs
  • Math Talent Search competitive examinations
  • Support from governmental and non-governmental organizations

We provide you MathLab kits made from solid wood and other renewable materials these Kits are used to teach mathematical concepts and conducts practical sessions. Each kit is has its own instructional materials and animations.

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